VGA to HDMI Output 1080P HD and Audio TV AV HDTV Video

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Projector, Laptop, TV, Monitor, PC


  • Quality Guarantee :6-month warranty and life-time technical support Pl Note This VGA to HDMI converter is one-way Design. It only converts from VGA ( analog signal output such as PC/laptop/HD TV-Box) to HDMI (digital signal input such as monitor, HDTV, projector)
  • Best Quality: Share your video/audio/data from computers or old-styled notebooks, desktops, laptops that has only VGA ports to any HDMI-equipped devices like HDTVs, monitors, displayers for big screen viewing
  • Full HD High resolution: Support a lot of resolution from 800*600 to 1920x x 1200/ 1080P (Full HD). input; Support resolution up to 720P/180i/1080P, enjoy wonderful signal transmission for business use and entertainment
  • User-friendly design: There is a signal light on the product itself. The light will flash when the HDMI equipment connect the LED lamp, and will extinguish If the product is disconnected. The signal light will indicate the working condition of the HDMI output side
  • Universal compatibility – The VGA to HDMI adapter cable can convert any analog PC that outputs VGA with audio to any HD TV or display. Hemi port can be connected to projectors, HDTV, monitors/displayer and other device with HDMI port. Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 operation SYSTEM

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